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Let's talk.

Let's talk about love. Self-love. Black love. Interracial love. Extra-marital love. Let's talk about self-esteem and the things that threaten it. Let's talk about depression, anxiety, stress, teen issues, identity issues, sexuality issues. The issues that fill you with doubt and rob you of your joy.


Let's talk about hard things in a safe space. A judgment-free space. A space for real talk, and real growth. 


Jeanine Primm Jones, LMSW

For more than two decades, Jeanine has brought expert advice to a range of clients in varied settings. She's delivered dynamic and interactive sexual health and relationship seminars to NBA and NFL players and teens. She's also done extensive therapeutic work with college students, working professionals, and couples. She connects deeply, with candor, humor and compassion. And through intense conversations and positive behavior change therapy techniques she helps individuals discover their true selves, . 


Can we change our lives? Yes. Is it difficult? Sometimes. Is it worth it? Always.

When strategies/behaviors that we learned from our past do not work for us now, it is important to have a place to figure out what is working for you and what’s tripping you out. That's the beginning.


I can help you get skilled at working with new tools that are used to make more positive choices and see clear improvements for your life going forward. 


You CAN choose a happier path forward.


Couples Therapy


Black Love


Interracial Love


Group Seminars

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