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Individual Therapy

If You Are Single or In A Relationship That Could Be Improved- Get Ready For A Better Relationship With Yourself, And Others


Jeanine has been helping individuals discover their true selves... 

...through judgment free intense and positive behavior change therapy techniques. Whether working with pro athletes, other celebrities, professionals or college students, her first question is always: Who are YOU, How are YOU? Because she believes the most important thing in relationships is to Learn to “feel” or focus on ones’ self, first. She empowers clients to see their own real strengths and feel heard.


Often using humor to address painful thoughts and unhealthy behaviors, Jeanine will use longer sessions to tackle weighty issues, painful thoughts and unhealthy behaviors.


Abuse prevention in relationships is critical. Jeanine believes hurt people hurt other people and wants to help partners make better decisions and move toward positive goals. 


Let Jeanine help you create a path toward feeling better, growing, and getting along with your chosen family. 


Schedule a free screening interview now.

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